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The following sites will offer help on a broad range of textile related questions. Effective stain removal techniques can save you lots of money.

Stain removal A-Z, including carpets, plus laundry tips and care guidelines – a wealth of information

Dry cleaning facts and other textile care information
International Fabricare Institute

Ohio State University Extension Service – Terrific general information site
Quick 'n Easy Stain Removal

Iowa State offers unbiased consumer information
Iowa State University Extension Textiles and Apparel Care and Stain Removal

Practical Laundry Tips from Marge

Hand wash wool or cashmere sweaters in inexpensive “moisturizing body wash”. It works great and smells wonderful. Squeeze wash water through sweater – never rub or twist. Roll up thoroughly rinsed sweater in bath towel. Hand block sweater on a dry bath towel or one of those handy sweater drying screens. For details check out:

Avoid expensive repairs or replacement of your washer by checking pockets for “guy things” like pins, pens, bolts and especially drill bits. We just replaced the water pump because a drill bit put a hole in it. If our tub had been plastic instead of metal, we would have had to replace the entire washing machine.