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One of my favorite jobs while working for the OSU Extension Service was to answer consumer questions. Many were about food preparation, nutrition or food safety, but I also found answers to queries on stain removal, family finance, furniture care and child development. I enjoyed finding helpful information for people making large purchases, whether for appliances, kitchen equipment, upholstery, furniture, or even carpet.

We live in an era of too many choices. Whether buying groceries or a new mattress, it's a challenge to choose a product that best meets our needs, preferences and financial resources. Some of us throw up our hands and buy the first thing we see - often worsening our credit card debt. Others will exhaust themselves researching every possibility and price point, taking all the fun out of shopping.

Finding research based, unbiased or at least balanced information about consumer products and/or advice on how to care for home and family takes time and determination. For those of you who lack one or the other, I hope my links will help.

Domestic – a definition...of or relating to the household or the family
...devoted to home duties and pleasures

The categories below try to organize immense amounts of information related to caring for and maintaining a home and family. From mundane stain removal tips to help on caring for an aging parent, the websites I've chosen offer ideas, practical advice and solid guidance to help you solve the everyday challenges of domestic life in the 21st Century.


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