Food Preservation Links

Enough people across the US preserve food that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) continues to support research and education through its Extension Service partnership at the University of Georgia. Your tax dollars are well spent on this resource. Check it out at:

National Center For Home Food Preservation

Other university-based Food Preservation sites

Oregon State University Extension Food Preservation Site

University of Minnesota Extension Services

Food Preservation Commercial Websites

Several food industries offer food preservation information, supplies and equipment to promote the use of their products. Recipes generally are good as well as safe.

Jarden Home Brands canning site:

Splenda – tips on jam making using the Splenda as the sweetener:

Local Resources for Preservation Equipment and Supplies

This small jewel of a store offers a wide variety of canning supplies.
2106 SE Divison Street
Portland, Oregon 97202

Bi-Mart requires a $5.00 ‘membership’ before you can shop. This Northwest owned corporation has 60-plus stores and carries a good supply of food preservation equipment and supplies at discounted prices.
Bi-Mart Website

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