The House Economist

My home economics career started in my grandmother’s kitchen in the early 1950’s. We made a cake together. She taught me how to read the recipe, measure accurately and stir the ingredients just so. A successful result depended on effort and skill. We cleaned up the kitchen while the cake baked and then waited patiently for it to cool. Anticipation was so delicious – as was the cake we ate still warm from the oven.

So how did I get from enjoying cake with Grandma in the 50’s to teaching food preservation in 2006?

Very simply, the confidence and encouragement I gained in that bare bones kitchen kindled my ongoing interest in good food, healthy families and home management.

From the very beginning, the overall theme of home economics has meant the application of scientific principle to the management of the household.

But more importantly to me, the purpose of home economics has been to enable families everywhere to achieve the highest quality of living in their homes and communities. Such a comprehensive and critical philosophy deserves preserving.

And so Preserve welcomes you to participate in this pursuit,
Marjorie Braker

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